How to use the Web Notes feature of the Microsoft Edge browser

The Web Note feature of the Microsoft® Edge browser allows you to annotate a web page, mark it up and share it. Follow these steps to use the Web Note feature.

  1. From the taskbar, click the Microsoft Edge icon.
  2. Browse to a web page that you would like to mark up, make notes/share, and then click the Make a Web Note button.web note
  3. Once in Web Note mode, a new toolbar will appear with various tools and options:
    • web note pen (Pen): This icon will select the Pen tool and allow you to write, circle, or mark the page. You can also change the pen color and size.
    • web note highlighter (Highlighter): This icon will select the Highlighter tool to allow you to highlight different areas of the page. You can also change the highlighter color and shape.
    • web note eraser (Eraser): This icon will select the Eraser tool that has a Clear All option that allows you to erase all previous web notes on the page.
    • web note add typed note (Add a typed note): This icon will allow you to place a message box on the web page and write (type) a note within that box.
    • web note clip (Clip): This icon will allow you to clip and save an image from the web page.
    • web note save (Save Web Note): This icon will allow you to save the current web page, with all of the web notes you may have made, into your Favorites and/or Reading list.
    • web note share (Share): This icon will allow you to share the web page on the Facebook® app, Flipboard app, Microsoft OneNote® app, or your Reading List.
    • web note exit (Exit): This icon will allow you to exit from the Web Note mode.


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