Garmin Venu 2 Plus Review: The All-Around Fitness and Smart Watch


Garmin has consistently made incredible wellness-centered watches, however, with the expansion of a speaker and receiver, it can at last rival the Apple Watch, World Watch, and Pixel Watch.

You could think Garmin watches are for wellness devotees just, yet the Venu 2 Or more is the main genuine cross-breed smartwatch I can sincerely suggest for individuals who aren’t really competitors. In spite of the fact that it shares the greater part of similar highlights as the prior Venu 2, it adds a speaker and mouthpiece so you can accept calls and utilize your telephone’s voice colleague on your wrist. I’ve been involving the Venu 2 Or more since its delivery in January 2022, and I’ve been dazzled by how much having a speaker and receiver add to the experience.

Garmin Venu 2 Plus


  • Speaker and mic support
  • Same great fitness tracking as Venu 2
  • Battery lasts 8 days


  • Only one 43mm size option
  • No LTE version

The prior Venu 2 was at that point a magnificent wearable with exhaustive wellness following elements, likewise winning. Yet, the primary drawback holding it back from clashing with different wearables like the Apple Watch, World Watch and Fitbit Sense was the absence of a speaker and mic. Since this watch shares most of its list of capabilities with the Venu 2 that I’ve previously evaluated in full, as opposed to making similar progress here, I’ll feature the primary distinctions. Go ahead and read the first Venu 2 audit for a full understanding of execution, wellness following and wellbeing highlights.

Garmin Venu 2 Plus Review | Trusted Reviews

Venu 2 Or more is a round watch that is not difficult to utilize

The Venu 2 Or more repeats the vibe of the Venu 2 and has a brilliant, roundabout AMOLED show that is not difficult to find without trying to hide. Yet, it presently has an additional button that allows you to communicate with your voice partner through a long press. You can likewise dispense an easy route or #1 to a solitary press.

Another outside contrast between last year’s Venu 2 series and the Venu 2 Or more is that the fresher watch just arrives in a solitary 43mm size, while the Venu 2 and 2S were 45mm and 40mm separately. Like Fitbit’s watches, the Venu 2 Or more is viable with the two iOS and Android, dissimilar to the Apple Watch which is iPhone-just, and the Universe Watch which is presently Android-as it was.

A speaker and mic on the Venu 2 Or more will be surprisingly useful

I can rapidly call up Siri on iOS, or Google Colleague, or Bixby on Android to send a speedy instant message by simply squeezing the button. I truly could do without taking out my telephone during an open-air exercise, so having the watch dependably have the option to message or settle on a speedy decision is truly useful. The speaker quality is clear, and thus far I’ve found it simple to hear guests when outside. I likewise like the perceptible prompts each time I pause and begin an exercise, or hit an objective like advances or rise for the afternoon. You’re even ready to utilize the speaker to play back music from outsider applications like Spotify on the off chance that you have a top-notch membership.

Dissimilar to certain wearables like the Apple Watch, you will not have the option to begin an exercise with your voice on the Venu 2 Or more. It simply goes about as a go-between to get to your voice partner and hear reactions on your wrist. However, Garmin’s route framework is sufficiently simple to learn, and beginning an exercise takes two presses in any case, so I wouldn’t fret by any means.

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Battery duration endures as long as nine days, way longer than the Apple Watch Series 8 and Universe Watch 5 which can scarcely come to two entire days. In my testing, the watch endured eight entire days prior to requiring a charge. That incorporates getting warnings from a telephone, a GPS exercise every day and rest following. Most different highlights are equivalent to the Venu 2 and 2S, so that implies working in GPS, rest following, blood-oxygen observing, and a broad scope of wellness and exercise following modes.

The greatest disadvantage to Venu 2 Or more is the cost. At $450, it’s more costly than all its fundamental rivals, similar to the $399 Apple Watch Series 8, $280 Samsung Universe Watch 5, and $350 Google Pixel Watch. Yet, its cross-similarity with Android and iOS might merit the additional expense, as well as its broad battery duration. In the event that you needn’t bother with a speaker and mic on your wrist, the Venu 2 and 2S are remaining in the Garmin setup and can be found for just $300.

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