Leica D-LUX 7 digital camera review

Leica D-LUX 7 digital camera review

The classically designed housing of the D-Lux 7 is rounded at the edges, which underlines its special look. The knobs for the picture settings are pleasantly stiff. When adjusting the aperture, the ring clicks into place with a loud click. The slider that can be used to set the image format manually is very pretty. An optical viewfinder and a flash shoe are on board. Instead of a fill-in flash, Leica includes a clip-on flash, but there is no microphone input. The feel is great, the weight is relatively high at a good 400 grams, and the quality of the materials and workmanship is excellent.

The ASP-H image sensor resolves recordings with 17 megapixels. The lens has a focal length of 24 to 75 millimeters and a relatively quiet motor, which is still easily audible on film recordings. The aperture range is from F1.7 to F16, excellent values ​​for a compact camera.

When it comes to photography, the Leica shows its strengths. The focus quickly focuses on every subject with pin-sharp focus, the shots are mostly brilliant, and the colors are intense without appearing artificial or overemphasized. If you like, you can use predefined image styles and filters, of which I like the black and white variants best. 4K video recordings are possible with 3840 to 2160 pixels. The stereo microphone has good sound, but it’s a pity that you can’t connect an external microphone.

These are the extras:

The tidy and beautifully designed Leica Photos app allows fine adjustments, serves as a remote control and for transferring the recordings to the smartphone. Up to 340 shots are possible with one battery charge.

These are the disadvantages:

The display cannot be swiveled or opened. With the silver-black model, the extended lens looks inappropriate and disturbs the overall impression a bit due to the not quite-so-high-quality appearance.

This is included:

Lens cap, AC adapter, battery, strap, flash unit, and a USB cable

This is optional:

Handle, protective films, bags, straps

Conclusion: I like the Leica very much as a whole package: It feels great in the hand, and it is great fun to use as a street camera or even for demanding photography. However, it is not cheap.

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