Education Loan in Uttara Bank

education loan in bangladesh

Any Bangladeshi individual who has the means and capacity to repay a bank loan, In specific terms, these could be salaried employees/executives of multinational and middle to large size local corporate, Government, Semi-autonomous bodies, in reputed NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) international aid agencies and UN bodies, and other employees acceptable to the bank


Purpose: To meet the Educational Expenses of Self/ son/daughter or any other dependant.(Local/Foreign)



  • Age: Minimum age 25 years ( At the time of application), Maximum age at loan maturity up to 60 years (At the end of Loan Tenor)
  • For a permanent and confirmed salaried persons, a minimum of three (3) years experience with 1-year employment in the present organization
  • Minimum Yearly income (Net BDT): At least three times the total yearly installments amount of the applied loan
  • The borrower must reside for at least 6 months in the same address


Loan Size: Maximum amount of loan under this Scheme will be Tk.3.00 lac (Taka Three Lac)

Loan to Value Ratio: 70% of the cost to be paid by the borrower


Security/Collaterals Requirement

  • Two Personal Guarantees with the net worth declaration.
  • Personal Guarantee of spouse/parents or any other family members acceptable to the bank.
  • Post dated cheques for all installments
  • One undated cheque covering the total amount of all installments


Tenor: Maximum 5 years

Repayment method: Equal Monthly Instalments

Disbursement Mode: By making credit to the customer’s savings/Current account

First repayment date:1st repayment will be started at the end of one month from the date of disbursement


Documents Requirement

  • Recent Passport size photographs of the applicant(s) and guarantor (s).
  • Photocopy of NID/Passport of applicant (s) and guarantor (s)
  • Latest Utility Bill (Gas/Water/Electricity)
  • Study plan with a budget.
  • Business Card/Office ID of the applicant (s) and guarantor (s), if any.
  • Latest Tax Certificate / E-TIN
  • Personal Net Worth statements of the applicant (s) and guarantor (s).
  • Bank Statement of last 12 months for businessmen and 6 months for others.
  • Rent or Lease agreement of house/property (if applicable)
  • Salary Certificate / Letter of Introduction.
  • Professional Certificate issued by the concerned Institution.


Availability Period: Maximum 6 months from the date of sanction advice.

Prepayment: Loan to be prepaid on payment of 2% breakage cost on prepayment amount.


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