Solve Could not load module metadata in Android Studio

In this article we will learn how to solve Could not lead module metadata in Android Studio.

“Could not load module metadata” problem may arise when the android studio couldn’t update all the dependencies. I also faced the same issue. So, now I will teach how to solve this “Could not load module metadata” problem.

Method 1:

Remove the caches

Step 1 : Open the terminal

Step 2 : paste cd C:\Users\USERNAME\.gradle\ (Navigate to .gradle folder)

Step 3 : rm -r caches\

Step 4 : Now clean or rebuild the project

Method 2:

  1. Goto gradle path which is given in error. like: C:\Users\USERNAME\.gradle
  2. Delete the whole gradle folder (.gradle folder)
  3. Restart android studio and try to run now

If at 3. not working:

  1. After all this (after deleting .gradle) uninstall android studio and reinstall it.

This worked for me.

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Method 3: Update dependencies

Go to file->project structure->dependencies

And make sure you update all the dependencies listed on the right side.

If it still pops out any issue delete the Gradle folder in the project and rebuild the project.

Method 4:

Just delete the “modules” folder like C:\Users\shmilon\.gradle\caches\modules in caches (no need to remove the entire cache folder) and do gradle clean build.

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