How to Download Z3x Samsung Tool Pro Full + Crack+ Without Box

How to Download Z3x Samsung Tool Pro Full + Crack+ Without Box

Download Z3x Samsung Tool Pro: Following iPhones, what we all first get to our minds in the world of Smartphones if the brand named Samsung. With modifications over time and again, the name is reaching heights in the world of Smartphones. This definitely means developers around the globe are also engaged in creating various tools for these devices that could help ease the general bugs and problems with the original device. One such is the tool Z3x Samsung Tool.

FRP or we can say, Factory Reset Protection is a kind of lock for Android devices that feature Android 5.1 lollipop and more. FRP lock acts as a security shield to your device when it might get stolen by someone. With the help of this lock, you can keep your files and folders safe thus maintaining your privacy throughout.

What is Z3x Samsung Tool pro?

FRP Lock has its base in the Google ID and its Password. As simple it is, if you forget your Google credentials, chances are your device may get bricked specifically when you or the user of the phone want to reset your device.

And if you have forgotten your credentials of Google Account linked with your device, what would you do for situations like this when you want to reset your phone? Well, at such point, the hero of the story becomes Z3x Samsung Tool.

With the help of the Z3x Samsung Tool, you can unlock your device and bypass the FRP Protection.

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Pre-Requirements to use Z3x Samsung Tool Pro:

  • Before Flashing your device, make sure you Back up the data on your device. Just in case, it may get erased during the process.
  • You will need a Windows, any version Laptop or PC for the process.
  • A USB cable to connect your device to PC
  • Turn Off the Anti-Virus and Windows Defender on your Windows PC.


Do not Open and Close Z3x software multiple times, this may result in the expiration of the license and hence you will not be able to use it again. Make sure you use it only when you actually need it.

Download Z3x Samsung Tool Pro

If you have your phone on the Factory Reset Protection mode and you forget your Google account details for login, your phone may get bricked. At this point, you will need a bypass tool that ensures unlocking your FRP Tool. For the further procedure, read the below steps carefully-

Download z3x Samsung Tool Pro

How to Download and Install Z3x Samsung Tool Pro

  • Step 1. Download the Latest Z3x Samsung Tool Pro v28.2 from the link given above. Make sure as per the pre-requirements you have turned the anti-virus and  Windows Defender on your PC off.
  • Step 2. Now extract the downloaded Z3x 28.2 zip file on PC.
  • Step 3. Now you will here find a text file with a password, copy the password and run the “z3x Samsung Tool V28.2.exe” file as administrator.
  • Step 4. At the time of the Z3x 28.2 tool installation, it will ask you for a password. type or copy Technical Computer Solutions as a password.

Finish the installation process and you are done! The Z3x Samsung Tool Pro has successfully been installed on your Windows PC.

Z3x 28.2 Samsung Tool Pro Setup

Step 1. Run ‘Z3x 28.2 Tool’ as Administrator. A blue command window will appear on the PC screen, press any key to continue with the process.

Step 2. Now you will see a Popup on the Screen of ‘Z3x 28.2 Loader’ then click the ‘Try’ Button.

Step 3. And you are done! The Samsung Zx3 tool will open successfully.

How to Use Z3x Samsung Tool Pro To Unlock Your Samsung Device

Step 1. Firstly Download and install Z3x Shell (Combination File) on your PC or Laptop.

Step 2. Now open the software and type “Combination” in the search bar. now click on the ‘Find’ Button for successful initiation of FRP Bypass Process.

Step 3. Now, find the Model Number of your Samsung Device and see if it is noted in the list of devices. Anyhow, this software supports older as well as the latest Samsung device model numbers.

Step 4. When you see the model number of your device on the list, click on it. This will head you to the and the combination file will appear on the browser.

Now click on [:] to choose the file destination and then click on Start Download.

Step 5. Now Download “Z3x Samsung Tool Pro” and install it on your PC. After that, open the Samsung tool pro software and search for your device’s model number.

Step 6. Now click on Flash and open the combination file after the new window appears. Check on if you are uploading the right combination file that was downloaded earlier and mentioned in step 4.

Step 7. As you Upload the combination file of your Samsung Device, Click on the Flash Button. Once this short process is done, go to the desktop and right-click  My Computer icon and then on Manage.

Now a new window appears. Click on Device Manager and you will find the Android device you connected to your computer. You may see the Samsung Android ADB interface.

Step 8. Now click on the Unlock Tab and then Rest FRP in the z3x Samsung FRP Tool. You will see a message pop-up saying- ADB must be activated before initiating an FRP bypass process. Click Yes for this process.

Now you will again see a message in the image. Click Yes to process to the next step.

Step 9. Now a message may again come up after you confirm the earlier process saying that you have selected an incorrect model and FRP Bypass may damage your Phone. You have the option of clicking NO.

Then click on FRP Reset again and continue further. This message will not come again and your device will be unlocked from FRP as shown in the below screenshot.

And you are done with the Unlocking FRP process!

Final Verdict

Although exploring and mentioning all the features of this incredible tool is quite a lot impossible, you can know them all by downloading and using this tool yourself. That would also add up to your help and when you experience it yourself, you will get to know it better.

However, we have given you a complete guide on how to bypass your FRP on your device. From the links given in this article and the procedure to go through it, you can download the tool. With that, if you come across any difficulty or query in any of the steps, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

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