Download z3x Samsung Tool Pro


A better choice for the typical Samsung tool. Advanced Samsung Tool Pro offers users much more advanced features and the ability to customize even further than before with their array of newly updated features and more.

The main objective of this tool is unlocking and repairing Samsung devices along with the ability to completely wipe the data of a Samsung mobile device and flash custom ROMs and official firmware. Samsung Tool Pro is mostly used to unlock devices such as the infamous Samsung Galaxy.

An Introduction to Samsung Tool Pro

This tool is usually categorized as a software application for Windows, meaning it is compatible with Windows Operating Systems either in 32 bit or 64 bit, therefore, the risk of runtime issues is basically non-existent. The activation of this tool offers users the features to flash, unlock sim cards, repair damaged IMEI, SN, Bluetooth tethering, etc.

Moreover, this tool is capable of repartitioning a device’s file system which splits the memory and with its embedded tool, the Samsung Editor, it is also capable of altering the language to the user’s preference.

Tool Features Explored

This tool has managed to gain immense popularity and millions of users are using it without a complaint only with a small number of tiny errors. Below are some of the software features the tool offers the users and this is exactly why the z3x Samsung tool is extremely popular.

  • Built-in guide for every device model
  • Telephone picking options
  • Configuration preferences and FRP Unlocking available
  • Single-file flashing and high-speed flashing
  • Bypasses MSL and MSL2 security and IMEI repair
  • Device freeze repair and full factory resets
  • Re-partition phone filesystem
  • Flash phones with firmware files
  • Repair function for bricked devices
  • Read and write NVM
  • Activate or deactivate user lock, read device and SIM lock status and reset device and SIM lock status
  • Read codes on phone
  • Search and replace feature included in the editor

Along with these features the typical offers, below are some of the important software features and this will provide more clarity on what the app is really capable of.


Updates software and mainly Writes restores and updates firmware. The most frequent uses for these functions are downgrade to older firmware versions or upgrade to new ones.

Read/Write EFS

The EFS partition is a special partition that has been solely dedicated to a phone’s information such as the radio signal, IMEI, and a whole lot of other file types that surround the device’s SIM card and other features such as Wifi and Bluetooth. This is where things such as device MAC addresses of all radios that your phone uses in an encrypted format at the file system level storages.

Read/Write QCN

QCN means the Qualcomm calibration network file. Basically, QCN is a built-in file type in Samsung devices.

Direct READ codes

This function is capable of reading the code that is stored in a device, Code reading is known to be a safe method of unlocking devices.

Reboot download/recovery – Backup & Restore features.


In the case of a locked SIM specific to a certain unique carrier, this is the first step that is recommended to the users to follow.

FRP remove

For Removing the Google account integration from the device

Read/Write CERT

In Samsung models, the serial number otherwise known as IMEI was protected by reading and writing digitally signed certificates. This was to prevent the opportunists from manipulating the original serial numbers without authorization. Often time this part is prone to damages or overwriting by outside tools and in the that occurs, having a back up of the piece would be very beneficial. Because it can restore what was lost without a hassle.

Repair(Root) and Unlock (Root)

Read/Write SEC

Contains fuse settings such as mainly bootloaders and OEM settings

Unlock TMB (via server) for latest FW (Bit2) and KNOX1

unlock T-Mobile (TMB) devices

DIRECT Unlock SPR via Server


Support Specifications and Advantages

Along with the variety of features the tool offers, the pros that have come to be because the tool is so effective are as below. These are some of the best advantages and the support specs of the app thus proving its capabilities even more.

  1. Alphabetical phone model selection menu or the selection by the platform through Z3X Shell.
  2. Auto display for required cable specifications and step by step tutorial for each supported model.
  3. Automatic login to support area from Z3X Shell and smart card firmware updates from online sources.
  4. Loads reports form the server regarding update versions and other maps.
  5. Support available for a diverse variety of platforms such as Qualcomm, Exynos, Shannon, Infineon, Agere, Sysol, MTK and SEMC, Swift, OMAP.
  6. Service features such as Battery calibration/LCD contrast/RX TX etc.
  7. Offers a feature to browse operation history and the tool is compatible with swap PCB.
  8. Multilanguage interface to ease users from all around the world.

Latest Version Specifications

For better clarity regarding the rough specifications of the application, below is a list of the specs of the latest tool version.

File size : 55.23MB

MB Size on disk : 57,909,732 B

File name : SamsungToolPRO_34.11.exe

File version : 34.11V

Last modified : February 28th, 2019

Virus/ malware test: Virus-free

Operating system: Compatible for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7; along with 32-bit / 64-bit supported


Changes log

For better access, refer below for the version 34.1 changes log.

Additional support SM-J327P without a server and additional support offered for SM-J727P. Support offered for SM-J415F, SM-J415FN, SM-J415G, SM-J415GN, SM-J610F, SM-J610FN, SM-J610G, SM-A750F, SM-A750FN, SM-A750G, SM-A750GN. Potential changes to Flashing, Read/Write QCN, Read/Write EFS, Direct read code support via server, reboot download/recovery features may be present in the models.

Initial Preparation and pre-requisites for Installation and Download Samsung Tool

Before all steps, it is quintessential of the user to back up their device data to an external storage device or a third-party cloud service. When flashing the device, it is most likely to format all data and erase everything in it therefore, it is recommended backing up all data.

A Windows PC, Laptop is recommended for the process along with a USB cable to connect the mobile device and the PC.

Turning off anti-virus software and Windows Defender as software protected antivirus software blocks the app because they detect they aren’t available either app code suspicions. Must root the device in advance.

Installation Process and How To Use Tutorial

Step 1: After the download process has been completed and the extraction to a file folder has been completed through WinRAR, go the folder where the tool is and open the file with the .txt format and copy password given in it.

z3x samsung tool

Step 2 : Then locate the loader.exe application and run the program as administrator. Then when a permission message pops up and asks for your consent, choose yes then select the preferred language and click next.

z3x samsung tool pro

Step 3: After this, paste the copied password into the password box request and continue. If you are typing make sure not to change anything as it is case sensitive.

samsung tool latest

Step 4: When a pop-up window comes up three times asking for permission, choose next to all windows, and proceed to the installation process. After the installation has been finished, the tool will be ready for use.

About tool developer

The Samsung tool Pro is developed by the Z3X-team of developers. Their products are infamous and world-renowned, therefore, is used by many professionals and other developers alike. And since 2005, this team has been developing solutions for advanced repairing and customizing phones, especially Samsung devices as it is a massive worldwide brand. Because of the Samsung tool they developed, many minutes to extensive issues when it comes to Samsung devices can be solved quite easily.

known Issues(Compatibility Issues etc)

Minor errors such as the ones stated at the below have been reported by users:

  1. Loader.exe file missing in the folder error message: This error message pops up if the antivirus software hasn’t been disabled and it is in process, blocking certain elements of the tool.
  2. Card not found error message: this error message will pop up in the case the user didn’t run the Samsung Tool Pro as administrator. To simply fix this issue, run the application as administrator.