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uri average 2 1006 problem solve

Here you will learn How to solve URI 1006 problem. We will use programming language C and programming language C++ to solve the problem. Problem name Average 2 adapted by Neilor Tonin from Brazil.

Let’s start your code editor Codeblocks or any other programming software you like. If you don’t have any compiling tool on your pc you can download from here. Also, you can use an online compiler and debugger tool for any programing language(Online GBP).

So, let’s read the problem and start solving the problem now.

URI Online Judge | 1006

Average 2

Adapted by Neilor Tonin, URI Brazil Timelimit: 1

Read three values (variables A, B and C), which are the three student’s grades. Then, calculate the average, considering that grade A has weight 2, grade B has weight 3 and the grade C has weight 5. Consider that each grade can go from 0 to 10.0, always with one decimal place.


The input file contains 3 values of floating points with one digit after the decimal point.


Print MEDIA(average in Portuguese) according to the following example, with a blank space before and after the equal signal.

Here is the solution in C++ program

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