How to Fix Android Package Installer Not Working |

How to Fix Android Package Installer Not Working |

What is Android package installer used for?

Offers the ability to install, upgrade, and remove applications on the device. This includes support for apps packaged either as a single “monolithic” APK, or apps packaged as multiple “split” APKs. An app is delivered for installation through a PackageInstaller.

Let’s fix your Android package installer if it’s not working properly in this quick and easy guide.

If you find that Android’s package installer is not functioning, I walk you through steps to force stop it and clear the data. If the package installer app is not installed you may want to do an update on the Android operating system to restore it. If it keeps stopping or getting stuck you can also try to force quit it in the settings, restart your phone, and update or restore your Android operating system. These should all help the package installer to operate normally.

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