How can we automate the flutter application?

How can we automate the flutter application

Flutter has been creating waves in the app development space since its launch. The reason is simple, it solves the problem of creating two different codebases for a single app to run on Android and iOS devices. Some experts say that Flutter which was launched by Google is to counter React Native which is used by Facebook, which it seems to be doing pretty well.

Coming to automating the flutter application, you can carry it out with the help of Appium Flutter Driver. You may ask what is that?

Appium Flutter driver is a test automation tool for flutter apps on multiple platforms. It is a part of the Appium mobile test automation tool.

But how does the Appium Flutter driver work? It uses WebSocket communication to carry WDIO script to instantiate the flutter driver and the request will be sent to the particular application. Then the AUT will send the response to the script through the Appium Flutter driver.

You can also build Appium in your machine through the source code. Once you have cloned the source code, run npm install then npm run built and type a command node to start the Appium server. You can download the package from GitHub.

The package contains Appium Flutter Driver and Appium Flutter Finder.