Proven Ways to Improve Page Views and Online Earning For Successful Businesses

If you have built business websites, it will only be successful if you can get targeted website traffic to visit it and stay on it long enough to get your message and act on it to improve online earning.

The level of success a website is likely to enjoy is usually connected to the number of page views it gets each day. Page views are brought forth by unique visitors who surf onto your site to check it out or find the answer to a question or information about how to do something. If a unique visitor looks at three of your pages then your stat counter will add 1 to the Unique Visitors tally and 3 to the Page Views tally.
The more time a visitor spends on your site the more likely it is that they will get your message and take action which will lead to increased online earning. Luring visitors to click through the pages of successful businesses websites, is a good way to keep them on the sites.
You can step-up page views in four easy steps:

1. Fill your site with applicable, unusual, well written substance
People are hungry for good quality relevant information and that is one of their key motives for surfing the Internet. It has been said many times before that content is king, but the fact is that content really is king when it comes to the Internet.
If your site delivers the information they need, they will be more than prepared to check it out and to bookmark it, return to it and possibly even recommend it to others. Your content will also be collected by the search engines, so people will keep on visiting it and your page views will dramatically improve which in turn will lead to increased online earning.

2. Keep your copy short and simple
Some people find it difficult to put a single sentence together; others never know when to stop! When it comes to website copy, remember the good old acronym, K. I. S. S. – keep it short and simple!
Serve up the information regarding successful businesses in compact and easy-to-read chunks. Keep your paragraphs short. People have short attention spans on the Internet. Don’t expect them to read a several thousand-word article. People tend to glance over articles for the information they need. They will only read an article from start to finish if the style and content are so good that they can’t help but read everything.

3. Use proper highlighting and formatting.
The style and appearance is very important. If your website looks dull, with great chunks of hard-to-digest text, people will surf out as quickly as they surfed in.
You can increase the time they spend on your site by highlighting all the keywords and key phrases. Don’t be afraid of white space, either. Generally speaking, highlighted text that is laid out with plenty of white space around it is appealing to the eye and helps the visitor to scan the page, which will be valued.
Break up longer articles into pages that deal with various sections of your theme and invite the visitor to “view more” or “go to next page” by posting a link at the bottom of each section.

4. Put article teasers and a site map on your successful businesses main page.
Another way to step-up page views and online earning, is to place excerpts or teasers from your other pages on your homepage. Link each teaser to the respective web page to promote click-throughs.
It is also an great idea to provide a site map to make it easier for people as well as search engine spiders to navigate your site for successful businesses.

These are the four easy steps you need to implement to increase page views and get targeted website traffic to stay on your site long enough to get your message and improve your online earning.

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