Niche Empire Generator Review – The Truth You Need to Hear



The launch of Niche Empire Generator on 9 May rocked the entire marketing industry and influenced the way people look at niche blogging. It was a tool created by a niche marketer Andrew Hansen of “Niche Marketing On Crack” fame for niche marketers. Now that the dust has settled, it is high time that someone came out to give an honest review of this niche blog creation tool.

What can Niche Empire Generator do?

This software seeks to help the marketer create, update and promote an entire empire of niche WordPress blogs. And how does the software go about achieving that?

From the central control panel you set up with Niche Empire Generator, you can:

1. Install a WordPress theme and activate a handful of plugins onto your domain within a few minutes. The end result is a WP blog that is optimized for maximum SEO and social bookmarking juice.

2. Add AdSense ads as well as affiliate links onto your sites instantly with the click of a mouse. It takes the drudgery out of editing HTML code which can be daunting to newbie marketers and even for seasoned marketers.

3. Submit your sites’ RSS feeds to RSS directories automatically for exposure as well as quick spider visits. The software pings your blog to multiple ping services on autopilot, getting attention from the search engines quickly.

4. Auto-drip content onto your blog. Updating your site needs not be a manual task that requires constant attention. You can preload your content and schedule the posting. In a certain sense, it is based on the “Set and Forget” concept which is ideal for busy and lazy people.

5. Manage dozens of such WP blogs from a single interface. Niche Empire Generator allows anyone to be updated on how their sites are performing in the search engines, as well as indicate whether you need to add more content to which specific blog.

What the Niche Empire Generator cannot do

While this software simplifies the entire process of website creation, it is not a complete automation tool. Every marketer understands that more is needed to create and promote a profitable niche blog. For instance, Niche Empire Generator does not:

1. Find you the niche keywords to target for your website. Unfortunately, you do need to carry out keyword research to find a profitable market as well as the right keywords to optimize for.

2. Create content that is needed for updating to the sites. You do need to prepare this material. Though the software package comes with a pack of PLR content, it is now probably too stale to use. You do not want to be penalized for using duplicate content.

3. Promote the websites using other traffic building strategies like article marketing, forum posting, comment posting and so on.

On the overall, while Niche Empire Generator is not a complete marketing tool, it does automate many of the tedious tasks you need to do when building a niche WP blog. And it makes managing dozens of such blogs a lot easier.

The truth is, you can choose to build the sites manually but this would take ages to create a sizeable income or you can hire someone from places like GetaFreeLancer, RentaCoder or Scriptlance to do it for you. But you would quickly realize that this is going to be an expensive affair in terms of expenses and lost income opportunities. To many marketers, Niche Empire Generator meets that need perfectly.

What is your choice? Take a look at what Niche Empire Generator can do for you through the resource below.


Source by Davion Wong