Largest country code top level domain operator utilizes its technology to provide internet users
worldwide with fast and anonymous DNS resolver services

Amsterdam – 8 th of November 2016. Freenom launches Freenom World, an anonymous open DNS resolver that is available at nearby locations throughout the world, making it one of the fastest DNS resolvers available. Each time a website is visited or an email is sent, devices perform DNS lookups. If these devices or networks are set to use Freenom World, at IP address and, then these lookups are done faster, anonymous and more secure.

“We want to provide the best online experience for all internet users”, says Joost Zuurbier, CEO at Freenom. “We started Freenom by providing domain names at no cost. Due to its success combined with our advanced technology, we are able to provide fast and safe DNS resolver services. Just configure your DNS to and and you are done. No login, username, or signup is required.”

Freenom operates a global AnyCast DNS network, with servers located throughout the world. The AnyCast technology allows Freenom to use the same IP addresses ( and on all these different locations. Unlike other DNS providers, like large advertising networks, Freenom does not store any IP addresses in its log files. Log files are kept for statistical reasons only and exclude any IP address information.

“Normally your internet service provider or a large advertising network is providing your DNS resolving service”, says Maurice van der Meer, CTO at Freenom. “These resolvers may redirect your request to a search page or advertising page. At Freenom, we are committed to preserving the integrity of the DNS protocol. Freenom World’s DNS resolvers will never forward any request for a non-existing domain to an advertising page.”

Internet service providers or large advertising networks may use your DNS requests to track your viewing habits, insert targeted ads, or even throttle your connection. By using Freenom World you are ensured that none of your IP information is stored and your website visits are not used to optimize ads.

In the past, open DNS resolvers have been used by cybercriminals as a source or tool to start or enhance DNS amplification and denial of service attacks. With more than 30 million domain names registered Freenom has a lot of experience mitigating these attacks. Thanks to this experience and an extensive set of security measures, Freenom World has become one of the most robust and secure open resolvers on the internet.

At Freenom World’s YouTube channel users may find HowTo videos of configuring Freenom World in 17 different languages. In addition, Freenom has partnered with selected users, Freenom Pioneers, to set up guidelines and HowTo videos for routers and access points. These will soon become available online.

An AnyCast secure open DNS resolver makes a lot of sense in countries where governments may filter or spy on internet traffic, Joost Zuurbier points out. “At Freenom we preserve the integrity of the DNS protocol and users can be sure they receive the answer the domain holder has configured in their authoritative DNS. As we are headquartered in the Netherlands we fully support the newly introduced net neutrality laws.”

Freenom World is available for all devices – from desktop computers with Microsoft Windows and macOS, servers running Linux or FreeBSD, tablets, and phones with iOS or Android to networks that are centered around a router or access point.

About Freenom: Freenom is the largest country code top level domain registry operator. With a secure and stable DNS AnyCast Cloud, fast registration system, and a unique business model built around free domain names, Freenom is a complete solution for all top level domains. With Freenom’s open DNS resolver service, Freenom World, every individual or organization can obtain the true and correct DNS answer on DNS requests. Freenom is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and has a satellite office in Palo Alto (U.S.A.).

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