What is a Facebook Dynamic Product Ads?

Dynamic Product Ads are a way to display either single or multi-product Facebook ads to customers that have already visited your website, featuring the products that Facebook already knows your customers are interested in based on their behavior.
facebook dynamic product adsImage credit: Facebook
You can use Dynamic Product Ads to target three different customer behaviors:


  • Viewed Content: After a customer views a product page on your store, you can begin serving them ads featuring the same product to encourage them to take another look.
  • Add to Cart: If a customer adds a product to their cart, but doesn’t purchase it, you can show them ads that specifically promote that product, giving them a gentle nudge back to your site to complete the transaction.
  • Product Purchase: Once a customer successfully purchases a product, you can serve them ads featuring related products, upsells, new arrivals, and anything else that might be valuable to them based on their purchase history.


The products featured in the ad are entirely influenced by what your customers have already looked at, expressed interest in, or purchased previously which makes Dynamic Product Ads a highly personalized way to connect with your customers and showcase the products that they actually want to see.

Not only do Dynamic Product Ads provide your campaigns with an added layer of personalization, but they also save you time and effort by letting you serve highly relevant Facebook ads to your customers without having to build hundreds of different ads for all of the products on your website.