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Right form of verbs | HSC English 2nd part


Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct form of verbs as per subject and context.


Robin and Hafiz (a) — (be) good friends. Robin (b) — (leave) for Dhaka. There he (c) — (try) hard, but could not find a suitable job. So he (d) — (to have) to come back to his village. Hafiz (e) — (be) not highly educated. He (f) — (know) that he could not find a good job. So he (g) — (join) a youth training course. There he (h) — (learn) how to be self-employed. He took a bank loan of Tk. 1,00,000 and (i) — (start) a dairy farm. Now he has three cows and five claves. His average monthly income is Tk. 8,000. His bank loan (j) — (repay) soon.
Answer-1 : (a) were (b) left (c) tried (d) had (e) was (f) knew (g) joined (h) learnt (i) started (j) will be repaid


Long, long ago there (a) — (be) a king in Scotland. His name was Robert Bruce. He was a very good king. He (b) — (love) his country and his subjects very dearly. His subjects also (c) — (have) a great love and respect for him. Once his enemies
(d) — (make) a plan against him. They (e) — (fight) against him and (f) — (drive) him away. The king (g) — (go) to a forest and took shelter in an old fort. Many of his faithful subjects joined him there. The king (h) — (sit) idly there. He formed a troop. He attacked his enemies again and again. But every time he (i) — (defeat). He had no hope of getting back his kingdom. One day the king was lying in the floor and saw a spider (j) — (try) to reach the roof and succeeded on the eighth attempt.
Answer-2 : (a) was (b) loved (c) had (d) made (e) fought (f) drove (g) went (h) did not sit (i) was defeated (j) trying


For three years now Dhaka (a) — (ranked) 2nd from bottom in the Economic Intelligence UnitÕs survey of 140 cities under The Global Liability Index. The scores (b) — (base) on five major criteria — health care, culture, environment, education and infrastructure. That Dhaka tops only Damascus,
(c) — (be) no comfort for the million residents of Dhaka. However, we are not altogether (d) — (surprise) by the results; we (e) — (downgrade) our environment by its systematic destruction. There is lack of proper public transportation, and the horrendous traffic system and poor management
(f) — (cost) the GDP 1-2 percent in annual growth according to Asian Development BankÕs latest estimate. Our score of 29.2 on a scale of 100 is identical with Damascus and we
(g) — (be) aghast to learn that Dhaka (h) — (lag). Damascus (i) — (experience) siege and bombardment over the last four years whereas Dhaka (j) — (have) at peace for over four decades since independence.
Answer-3 : (a) has been ranked (b) are based (c) is (d) surprised (e) have downgraded (f) is costing (g) are (h) is lagging (i) has experienced (j) has been



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