Learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube in 10 minutes (beginner tutorial)

Learn how to solve a Rubik's cube in 10 minutes (beginner tutorial)

Learning to solve a Rubik’s Cube can be easy! Read the pinned comment for common questions.

Before solving the cube you need Rubik’s Cube 3×3 must. If you don’t have, you can buy it from here. I hope you have.

1. White Cross: 0:20
2. First Layer: 1:44
3. Second Layer: 4:00
4. Top Cross: 5:45
5. Top Cross Colors: 6:28
6. Move the Corners: 7:18
7. Final Step: 8:21
(More Tutorials: 9:18)


Step 1 & 2. If the side colors of the cross or first layer don’t line up the way I showed it in the video, then you need to redo it. Pay attention to ALL of the colors on one piece, and don’t just pick white pieces randomly. I talk about this in the video, how I’m trying to match the other colors of the white piece (like white/orange etc.)


Step 3. At 5:33 I say “you should already know how to do this”. I admit this is unclear. You should insert a random yellow edge into the second layer using the same algorithm you use for solving the second layer. If this does not make sense, watch the example solve video linked at the bottom of this comment.


Step 4. If you can only get 1 or 3 edge pieces of the top cross, you need to reassemble the cube as solved.

Step 5. There should be no problems here.

Step 6. If you ever get only 2 corners in the correct location, you need to reassemble the cube as solved.

Step 7. Finish the 4 moves (don’t stop at 3) every time. Turn the bottom (don’t rotate the whole cube) to get the next piece. If it STILL does not work, you need to reassemble the cube as solved.

“Why do I need to reassemble the cube?”

Randomly assembling the cube only has a 1/12 chance of being solvable. If you’ve ever taken the cube apart or twisted corner pieces, then that can be the problem. If stickers have been switched, you will have to switch them back.