What is the common problem of shopyy?

What is the common problem of shopyy?

Shopyy is a Technological start-up – a mobile app for offline shopping, contains mall maps, a list of brands and stores, and a list of all sales. Allows users to get discounts for check-in in the store. For retailers – makes every customer their marketing channel in a social network.

What kind of products does Shoppy have?

Consumer electronics, home, and décor, wellness, mobile and accessories, beauty, toys, and games. We’re always exploring new categories, trying to bring you new daily discoveries.

Why are your prices so low? What is the difference between buying from shoppy and directly from the brand boutique?

By liaising directly with brand merchants and authorized wholesalers, shoppy are able to offer you authentic designer brands/product at extremely competitive prices. Authorized brick-and-mortar boutiques have to abide by a regulated price list from the designer brand itself. These retail prices are higher because they take into consideration overhead operating costs, branding, advertising, follow-up service, and in the case of some brands – free maintenance within a set time frame (usually one year). Shoppy is primarily an online retail store, and we do not have hefty overheads to maintain, unlike other physical retail outlets. This way, we are able to maximize savings for our customers.

Can I bind my domain name to SHOPYY?

You can bind your own registered domain name, and you can also register a domain name in SHOPYY. One-click binding and automatic domain name resolution are more convenient!

Do I need to purchase a server to install SHOPYY?

No, SHOPYY uses SAAS mode and can be used after activation.

What is the charging model of SHOPYY?

SHOPYY themes and applications are free of charge, and different themes and applications are open according to different versions. Trading commissions are only charged for the excess of the commission-free quota.

How to solve the problems encountered during the website construction?

SHOPYY provides one-to-one customer service, various problems in the industry, and the website builder will help you solve problems throughout the process.

How many sites can be created under one account?

There is no limit, but each version is charged separately. If you buy more than one at a time, you can apply for a discount.

There is no matching demand point, can I customize it?

SHOPYY is developing and upgrading in real-time, which basically meets the needs of most customers. If there are individual needs, we also support customized development for a fee.

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