Spark AR Studio – Tutorial for beginners (Part -1)


This tutorial will help you get used to the Spark AR studio and create the first Instagram filter effect.

This is my first video on the AR topic and I want to start this channel with the Spark AR tutorial video, A camera Effects Platform from Facebook. Help you to create interesting AR effects to use and share with friends or upload to messenger and Instagram.

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Spark A-R helps you create interactive augmented reality experiences with or without code, then share what you build with the world.

In addition, I find it really great to be able to help your business reach more people including your potential customers.

Imagine, you are running a media campaign, A challenge for users is that they will take photos at a photo booth, then upload those photos to Facebook to receive prizes.

With Spark A-R you can build a simple photo booth, anyone can take a photo and post it to participate in the contest.

This is really easy, helping to reduce costs but reaching a lot of users. Very Great!

One more thing that makes me really like Spark AR is users not only see the effects that you have created passively but they can interact with it also.
They can touch, rotate, track movement, change effects, respond and transform their surroundings, even users can play games on this platform. That’s great, isn’t it?

For example, you are the owner of a lipstick shop. You can create a filter to help your users test their lip colors, and when they really love a certain color,

They will make a stronger purchasing decision than having to go directly to the store to try.

This is very helpful for your sales, especially it uses the Facebook and Instagram platforms, applications that any user will have available on their smartphones.

Spark AR Studio – Video Tutorial for beginners

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