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Home Android Mobile How to brush card ROM recovery system?

How to brush card ROM recovery system?

The second recovery method card brush ROM – phone off, enter the Recovery, and then own manual card brush (SD), brush into the ROM has been downloaded.

  • First, enter the Recovery mode, and then perform (volume key + – up and down select, power button to confirm) on the phone operation.

  • Select Install zip from sdcard again.

  • Choose zip from sdcard
  • (Choose to download a good rom)
  • Install XXXX Select Yes
  • Wait for the phone to automatically restart after the completion of the Go-Go back to the main menu, the implementation of the reboot system now. Select Yes

  • If you encounter an abnormal boot under the premise – the phone is turned off, enter the recovery mode recovery / fastboot (for HTC). 

  • Then connect Brush Brush Wizard elbow / or manually brush into.



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